AI for creating a sustainable and healthy future

Dive into the world of PIPA, where artificial intelligence transforms the future of food and life science. Let's explore the next generation of food and life sciences. Join us in accelerating research and innovation in the world of AI.

We accelerate science and innovation for Nutrition and Ingredient industries by embedding AI in core processes – from R&D through manufacturing and commercialization. We are helping feed our planet, animals, plants and people better for a sustainable and healthier future for all.

Foods & Beverages

Next-gen, AI-developed foods are here

Consumers are demanding nutritional value, great taste, and health benefits from their favorite brands. Accelerate the discovery & commercialization of bioactives to swiftly respond to trends. Become the No Compromise solution Innovator today. Innovate & grow, faster & at lower cost than your competitors now.


A universe of health-promoting ingredients unlocked by AI

Discover the best performing bioactive molecules to deliver category leading growth with science-backed health claims targeting the right consumers.


Enhance product performance & function

Develop the next generation of functional foods, supplements and snacks by placing AI at the center of your development and innovation. Enhance manufacturing processes and identify optimal formulations that deliver the fastest and lowest cost time-to-market while delighting consumers.


Reinventing the future of wellness and health

Elevate consumer and pet health through science-based nutraceuticals. Discover lesser known, more effective molecules with health promoting impact by leveraging PIPA’s AI for bioactive discovery, ingredient profiling and best-performing formulations.

Life Sciences

Discovery at the speed of AI

Train AI on public and proprietary clinical and scientific data to build disease predictors, identify biomarkers, and de-risk clinical trials through cohort identification.

We work with scientists, innovators and visionaries to transform R&D by multiples, not mere percentages.


From bioactive discovery for functional foods to disease prediction and clinical trials, we enhance business resilience and competitiveness through AI.

PIPA Data and Analytics Platform (PDAP)

Our cloud framework powering our AI apps, ETLs, Machine Learning jobs and demanding data workflows. PDAP supports multi-layered multi-tenancy while guaranteeing data isolation and security.

AI co-pilots for food science & innovation

Our AI apps enable R&D teams to uncover insights and evidence 10,000 times faster than humans and with unmatched accuracy when compared to assay-driven methods.

Business process optimization

Collaborate with our teams to increase operational gains through manufacturing optimization (fermentation, extrusion) and streamlining of your supply chain, from processing and storage through distribution.

Bring AI to the center of your business for 100x faster‑than‑standard R&D cycles.

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