Unlocking a new frontier for Nutrition & Life Sciences’ innovation

 Data Integration

Extract maximum value from biomedical data

Our technology integrates, analyzes, and learns from vast and diverse omics datasets, the scientific literature, semantic networks, and knowledge bases to reveal hidden insights and predict new associations to power your next breakthrough.

Knowledge Synthesis and Insight Discovery

Access exclusive insights predicted by AI

We apply state-of-the-art machine learning, deep learning, NLP, optimization, graph, theoretical, and scientific computation algorithms to build predictors and knowledge graphs that capture the intricacies of biological connections with high fidelity. Our clients get access to a wealth of disruption-grade insights for their innovation pipeline.

AI at the center of Nutrition R&D

An end-to-end platform to accelerate and de-risk your new products

From identifying the plant-based bioactives that prevent disease or improve health state to probiotics that can be a clinically proven solution to an unmet need, our platform provides an end-to-end solution for your R&D needs. Our mission is to help companies place AI at the center of R&D. 

For R&D teams looking for the next generation of food and nutrition products

Food science & nutrition

Enable the development of innovative functional foods and personalized nutrition through the discovery of bioactive compounds, small molecules, peptides and more.

Product positioning

Explore the IP and regulatory landscape for your product portfolio and discover new indications to assess value and risk.

Pre-clinical & clinical

Support decision-making when prioritizing targets and biomarkers. De-risk clinical trials through patient cohort identification.

Let’s advance scientific discovery together

Our mission is to unlock a cost-efficient, faster path to innovation for our partners by leveraging our team’s top-tier scientific expertise and our proprietary Nutrition AI, LEAP™.