Ingredient Profiler

Ingredient Profiler

Molecule profiling at breakneck speed

Ingredient Profiler accelerates the identification of health-boosting compounds, enabling R&D and strategy teams to expedite the development of innovative foods and supplements.

Through one-click profiling of thousands of food molecules, R&D teams can effortlessly identify promising molecules to inform new product development and synthesize evidence to support downstream validations and product messaging. Ingredient profiler is a cloud-based enterprise application powered by the state-of-the art AI and the unified knowledge graph of LEAP™.

Traditional discovery or Ingredient Profiler?

Shatter time-consuming barriers of traditional product development in Food, Nutrition & Agriculture
One-click profiling

Instantly discover health associations for thousands of ingredients from diverse sources such as plants, dairy and meat to inform new product development. A process typically lasting months can be achieved through Ingredient Profiler in a matter of minutes.

Design healthier ingredients

Address emerging consumer preferences and tap into trends with far greater speed and agility. Find novel analogs for traditional formulations and discover bioactives in upcycled ingredients to augment existing formulations.

Profile your ingredient catalog

Upload your ingredient list to view the accumulated benefits and associations to medical conditions, vetted by public, scientific ingredient data. Explore known and AI-predicted associations to inform bioactivity validations and formulation testing.

Identify novel insights predicted by AI

Machine learning algorithms train on scientific data ​ to uncover novel relationships and associations between ingredients and medical conditions. Explore a comprehensive graph that unlocks new opportunities for product development and optimization of formulations.

One-stop shop for scientific evidence & insights

Support product messaging and strengthen your positioning against competing offerings through easy access to vetted scientific evidence and actionable analytics and visualizations.

Gen-AI summary reports

Bring speed and automation to your workflows thanks to the Generative AI powered summary reports for any given ingredient molecule. Save time from manually synthesizing literature reviews and summarizing findings.

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