De-risk omics analysis outcomes

The Omics Engine Service (OES) is a data discovery and curation platform for researchers and bioinformaticians who need ML-ready, curated, and standardized omics data to enable their next breakthrough discovery.

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High-quality omics metadata at your fingertips

The Problem

Public omics data discovery and curation are time-consuming and cumbersome tasks. Raw omics data are heterogeneous, non-standardized, have limited metadata information, and are scattered across the web. Scientists have to manually curate datasets and metadata files to ensure their provenance, completeness and consistency.
Our Solution

OES catalogs omics raw data and curates their metadata in a standardized, high-resolution, and analysis-ready format so you can leverage the right data for your indication experiments.

Bioinformaticians and scientists can quickly search for and download data via an API at three curation depths; raw, basic and premium.

Data Type (RNA-seq, 16s, Shotgun MGS, 18S/ITS)

Basic Curation Health Conditions

Premium Curation Health Conditions

Publications Bio Projects Studies

Experimental Samples

Built by scientists. For scientists.

It takes one to know one

OES was born from our innate need to have access to high quality data for internal and client projects where indication and candidate lead generation was the goal.

High quality, up-to-date data you can trust

OES is an enterprise-level solution that makes sure that you have the latest and greatest of public data for any given health condition. Through automated pipelines, monthly updates, and manual quality control – supported by internally developed workbench tools for our biocurators – we offer the data universe of interest for further downstream analysis.

What OES can do for you

Reduce curation time +75%

Focus your time and effort on what truly matters.

For health conditions currently available on OES, you can access in minutes quality datasets and metadata that would normally take experts months to curate. No more time, effort and cost wasted on wrangling heterogeneous and messy data of dubious quality.

Use consistent, quality data every time

FAIR-standardized data to enable your next discovery.

When it comes to data, quality trumps quantity. And while there is a plethora of public data available, less than 20% is of sufficient quality and compatible for integration. The wrong integration effort can lead to massive time and opportunity costs with high stakes. Through OES you can always access up-to-date, standardized data ready for downstream analysis.

Choose the right curation depth for you

Tap into unparalleled metadata granularity.

OES offers three curation depth types for omics data, raw datasets without standardized metadata, basic curation data including general information about samples and files, and premium curation with details reflecting data quality, consistency, and how to process.

In case the available curation level for a condition is not sufficient for your needs, our dedicated team of biocurators provide custom, high-precision curation with details such as comorbidity status, post-treatment status, unique sample categorization and more.

Bring your own data to OES

Get the most out of integrated datasets.

Maximize the value of proprietary data to propel early research and discovery in your organization.

With OES we can integrate your proprietary datasets with publicly curated datasets with the highest quality standards, accessible only by you.

Accelerate discovery and de-risk experiments 

OES – LEAP™ integration

Take your analysis’ insights further
Your omics analysis can only tell you so much about the underlying molecular connections implicated in health and disease. This is where AI can help.
Unlock insights with LEAP™, our AI scientific discovery platform.

LEAP™ integrates a plethora of public data, 23+ million scientific papers, 60+ knowledge bases, clinical trials, and bioinformatics raw data analysis into a single knowledge of 281M connections.

Your OES-supported analysis can be automatically integrated with its resource to identify additional evidence, novel indications, and design experiments in an optimal way.

Learn more about the features and pricing of LEAP™.

Take the hassle out of manual data curation

Reach out to learn more about the Omics Engine Service, how it can help you and your team reduce costs, effort, and time by automating omics data discovery and curation.