Life Sciences

Life Sciences

AI-driven discoveries that can change the world

We are placing AI at the center of Life Sciences to reduce R&D costs through automation and optimize the way data is used and experiments are designed. By doing so we are accelerating scientific discovery.

Explore the future of ingredient discovery with PIPA's AI. Join us in advancing health categories with science-backed claims.
The future of scientific discovery is powered by AI
By merging bioinformatics with artificial intelligence, we are able to harness compositional and biomedical data in a way that is more cost-efficient, faster, and more accurate than ever before. R&D teams can strategically prioritize the right targets for screening, run more experiments in parallel while achieving ten-fold or greater improvements in hit rates. Costly clinical studies can be optimized for success through science-driven evidence.



Integrate and analyze complex biomedical datasets in an automated and efficient manner to reduce the risk of human error and to effortlessly identify patterns and predictions otherwise impossible to find. PIPA can help you with:

  • Scientific literature summarization
  • Integration of 3rd party data into PIPA’s Knowledge Graph
  • Product claims and positioning


PIPA combines its cloud apps with in-house bioinformatics / chemoinformatics pipelines to help you with target identification, Mechanism of Action/Mode of Action discovery as well as for biomarker discovery. Overlaid with science-backed evidence, and AI predictions, these insights can help teams prioritize promising candidates for lab screening and the design of pre-clinical experiments and clinical studies.


Collaborate with PIPA’s Bioinformatics team to analyze public and proprietary data curated specifically for your project goals. Choose to take it one step further and integrate those custom results into PIPA’s unified knowledge system to find patterns and insights from your data that would have otherwise been obscured or gone unnoticed.

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Industry Experts
More than 30 PIPA associates (Ph.D., PharmaD, DVM, M.Sc.) combine deep know-how with state-of-the-art platforms to enable your R&D programs in healthcare, consumer, animal health and more.
Maximize your data’s value
Tap into our life science knowledge graphs encompassing billions of data points and/or bring your own data for exclusive, augmented insights to make step-change discoveries.
Tailored services
Choose between an autonomous R&D path by licensing our cloud apps or through a managed service, supported by our team of Life Science experts.
Ready-to-play suite of cloud apps
supporting autonomous research and discovery.

Case studies


Groundbreaking research from Mars Inc. and PIPA aimed at building a disease predictor for feline CKD, a condition that takes the lives of up to 40% of cats aged 10 or older. Using state-of-the-art algorithms and historical data, PIPA designed an ML model that identifies with >95% accuracy at-risk cats up to two years before a traditional diagnosis.


RenalTech™ by Antech Diagnostics, a vet diagnostic tool, was built and deployed based on this research program to enable early disease prediction and intervention. Provider data suggest an increase in cat vet visits and early interventions for CKD following RenalTech results, testament to AI’s power to optimize preventative healthcare and extend cats’ healthspan.


Our partner sought to optimize a clinical trial design for an undisclosed indication. 


Towards that end the PIPA team integrated and analyzed scientific and clinical data on the indication and disease settings to recommend the optimal cohort populations that will ensure optimal clinical trial outcomes. 


This case study demonstrated our ability to leverage complex biomedical datasets to increase the chances of clinical trial success for small molecules for use in consumer goods.


Fully unlocking Mechanism of actions is crucial for the effectiveness and safety of a treatment. To that end, our client sought to Identify the Mechanism of Action for an indication by leveraging multi-omics data.


To understand how the desired effects are delivered at the molecular level, PIPA integrated metabolome, microbiome and host transcriptome data and employed computational tools and bioinformatics techniques to reveal how the treatment might deliver the desired outcomes.


Through this engagement, the client gathered scientifically-backed insights at a fraction of the time and cost to inform experiments to validate the recommended MoAs.


PIPA built the first, AI-driven application with unique, centralized, scientific and molecular knowledge on dairy and dairy molecules. The AI app will accelerate the R&D and commercialization of dairy-based products for health-conscious consumers and provide science-based evidence on dairy’s role in promoting consumer health.

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