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Bioactive compound discovery

Leveraged LEAP™ to identify novel bioactive compounds in food ingredients that could potentially promote oral health through microbiota or host interactions.

Healthy aging bioactives

 LEAP™ and in-house pipelines were used to recommend novel, plant-derived bioactives with senolytic/senomorphic activity for experimental validation and eventually for use in longevity-targeted foods.

Seafood flavor optimization

We used AI and bioinformatics to determine the optimal feed composition and aquaculture control parameters needed to improve the taste of shrimp.

Milk knowledge SaaS platform

Built the first, AI-driven platform on dairy molecules and their mapping to health benefits. The platform will accelerate the R&D and commercialization of products for health-conscious consumers and provide science-backed evidence on dairy’s role in human health.

Diet recommendation

Predict diet interventions to reach a desired profile based on personalized information, microbiome and disease score analysis.


Upcycled ingredient health benefits

Using LEAP™ we validated and characterized, in silico, compounds in an upcycled ingredient with potential benefit for gut health. Promising potential Mechanisms of Actions were also recommended. The insights will inform future applications for the underutilized ingredient.

Health-promoting plant-based molecules

Uncovered the potential health effects of an upcycled ingredient’s polyphenolic and peptidomic content. Using LEAP™ we identified novel health benefits for its molecules and identified scientific evidence for its impact on human health. The insights will inform the nutritional and health claims of the product.


We predicted flavor from molecular analysis and application machine learning techniques. We created virtual sensory panels to produce sensory profiles without experimentation.


Disease predictors

Create onset of disease predictors from large scale biobank data, including Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Diabetes Mellitus and Arthritis.

Clinical trial de-risking

For a given indication and disease setting, focus on the cohort population and clinical trial design to maximize chances of success.

Multi-omics integration

Identify the Mechanism of Action and key contributors of health and disease states by integrating metabolome, microbiome and host transcriptome data.


Smart farm

Predicting the optimal irrigation and pesticide schedule based on historical data.

Molecular breeding

Optimize yield and other traits by optimal breeding analysis through bioinformatics and ML predictors.

Food safety

Isolate and sample sequencing analysis from processing centers to predict pathogen outbreaks.


Snack manufacturing process optimization

Applied AI to streamline the food processing model while maintaining high quality standards on the sensory profile of the stuffed snack, including: texture, taste and nutritional value.

AI-driven fermentation

Controlling industrial fermentation through molecular composition analysis and optimal experimental design by applying AI techniques.

Optimal manufacturing

Anomaly prediction in industrial supply chain and adaptive process parameter tuning.

Case fill rate prediction

Optimal inventory management, risk prediction and recommendations for improvement across factories and distribution centers.


Retail merchandising

Built a KPI compliance prediction and recommendation engine that empowers our CPG client to confidently prioritize KPIs with the biggest impact on sales.

Financial forecasting

Predicted the daily business position, end of period, and net sales estimates based on time-series and real-time data for several countries and business segments for a multinational conglomerate.

Copy effectiveness

Analysis of copy data, including neurosensory and customer feedback. Recommendation system and optimal placement based on geographic location and market.

Let’s advance scientific discovery together

Our mission is to unlock a cost-efficient, faster path to innovation for our partners by leveraging our team’s top-tier scientific expertise and our proprietary Nutrition AI, LEAP™.