Our Journey

The noble beginnings and key milestones of
our company

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A strong foundation We started on a clear mission, unlock a cost-efficient, faster path to innovation in Life Sciences & Nutrition by leveraging a robust, scalable infrastructure, deep scientific know-how, and state-of-the-art AI/ML.


Establishing excellence

Our small but growing team of AI and Bioinformatics professionals complete key projects that enable data-driven and AI-informed decision-making for our partners.


First enterprise level solution

Together with our partners, we built and deployed for our clients an enterprise-level ML solution to enable early disease prediction and intervention. RenalTech® by Antech Diagnostics was recognized as the best companion animal product for predicting chronic kidney disease in cats two years before onset.


A rich portfolio of AI-driven solutions & projects Within 4 years, PIPA has completed more than 60 projects with clients and partners. Our portfolio spans disease predictors, insight engines and forecasting models for Business, Agriculture, Nutrition, Pet Health and Human Health.

2020 onward

LEAP™: Placing AI at the heart of Nutrition R&D

PIPA leverages its experience, infrastructure and technology to bring scalable AI solutions at the center of Nutrition R&D. With products such as the LEAP™ innovation platform and the Omics Engine Service (OES), PIPA aims to accelerate innovation in R&D through a seamless integration of data, and scalable, AI and Bioinformatics pipelines.

Let’s advance scientific discovery together

Our mission is to unlock a cost-efficient, faster path to innovation for our partners by leveraging our team’s top-tier scientific expertise and our proprietary Nutrition AI, LEAP™.