PIPA AI history

Our journey

Our journey is defined by groundbreaking applications of AI: from AI co-pilots for R&D to developing life-changing disease predictors for pets, we’re building a future we’re excited to be part of. Over the past decade, we’ve worked on AI projects with visionary partners and repeatedly demonstrated the transformational impact of AI to create a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow.

A strong foundation

PIPA’s AI history started with a clear mission to unlock a cost-efficient, faster path to innovation in Life Sciences and Nutrition by using a robust, scalable infrastructure, deep scientific know-how, and state-of-the-art AI/ML. This marked the beginning of a remarkable journey in transforming the way we approach scientific discovery and business innovation.

Establishing Excellence

PIPA’s small but growing team of AI and Bioinformatics professionals complete key projects that enable data-driven and AI-informed decision-making for our partners. With each endeavor, PIPA solidifies its position as the industry pioneer in embedding artificial intelligence in the Life sciences domain.

First Enterprise-level Solution

Together with our partners, we built and deployed an enterprise-level ML solution to enable early disease prediction and intervention. RenalTech® by Antech Diagnostics was recognized as the best companion animal product for predicting chronic kidney disease in cats two years before onset. A solution showcasing the direct impact of AI in improving lives.

A rich portfolio of AI-driven solutions and projects

Within 4 years, PIPA completes more than 60 AI projects with clients and partners. Our portfolio encompasses disease predictors, insight engines, and forecasting models in the sectors of Business, Agriculture, Nutrition, Pet Health, and Human Health. With each AI program, we strengthen our commitment to leveraging AI for the greater benefit of society.

LEAP™: Scientific Discovery AI app launches

PIPA leverages its deep tech experience, infrastructure, and technology to design transformational AI tools for Nutrition and Ingredient R&D. In 2020, PIPA launches its flagship, cloud-based app, LEAP™, to accelerate scientific discovery and drive innovation through knowledge integration and evidence synthesis.

Transforming R&D Cycles by placing AI at the center

PIPA embarks on programs with industry-leading organizations in Food and Nutrition for AI-driven bioactive compound discovery. PIPA taps into the power of LEAP™ and its deep bench of scientists and bioinformaticians to uncover known and predict novel compounds that could inform new product development and product innovation.

Forging partnerships for a healthier, tastier future

PIPA signs a multi-year agreement with Mars Inc., embarking on a journey of accelerating the discovery of plant-based ingredients. Mars Associates will have the opportunity to use LEAP for accelerating the discovery of health-promoting molecules.

Embedding AI in R&D

We continue supporting Ingredient, Nutrition and Wellness companies such as Meati and Evergrain in their quest to increase R&D productivity and advance new product development. From plant-based bioactives to little known upcycled ingredients with health-promoting impact, our focus remains unchanged: empower organizations to make discoveries and bring to market healthy and nutritious products, faster.

Let’s advance scientific discovery together

Our mission is to unlock a cost-efficient, faster path to innovation for our partners by leveraging our team’s top-tier scientific expertise and our suite of AI apps.

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