From farm to fork: PIPA and Mars team up to improve food safety with new omics analysis platform

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Davis, California, March 4, 2024 PIPA LLC, a leader in AI-driven Nutrition, Health and Wellness innovation, and Mars, Incorporated have joined forces to develop a cutting-edge omics analysis platform, which will accelerate research and operations insights related to potential pathogen risks throughout the food supply chain. This new capability will proactively address food safety challenges by supporting Mars research to help ensure safe food for consumers and their pets. 

The computational bioinformatics solution will support the detection of foodborne pathogens and assist with outbreak prevention through the analysis of the whole genome sequences of microbial isolates.  This will help food manufacturers make informed decisions that ensure supply chain continuity and embrace advanced technologies across the company’s diverse portfolio.  

“At Mars, we believe everyone has the right to safe food.  Collaboration between governments, academia, industry and startups is critical for this to be a reality,” said Darren Logan, VP Science Research at Mars. “This is why we are combining PIPA’s cutting-edge computational and genomic technology, with Mars global microbial bioinformatics expertise to redefine what’s possible in early detection and risk prevention.”   

Ilias Tagkopoulos, PIPA Chairman said,

“We are proud to collaborate with Mars on an initiative that will revolutionize how we safeguard food integrity through the combination of genomics and predictive analytics,” Tagkopoulos highlighted, “as food production and trade become increasingly global, food supply chains are becoming more complex, and managing potential disruptions is critical. Mars and PIPA are leveraging their deep bioinformatics know-how and employing cutting-edge technologies to fulfill our shared mission for safe and sustainable food supply chains for everyone.”



Established in 2015 in California, PIPA is an AI leader on a mission to create a healthier, more sustainable planet by being the OS of Enterprise Intelligence for the Food, Health and Wellness industries. Through its AI solutions PIPA accelerates innovation and boosts productivity by making data intelligent and accessible across the entire value chain; from feedstock and molecules to formulation, production and go-to-market.

PIPA’s suite of  in-house solutions and AI apps like LEAP and Ingredient Profiler connect data, synthesize evidence and offer predictions and optimal paths for our partners, decreasing R&D times and increasing enterprise-wide productivity by multiples and not just mere percentages. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news.​

About Mars, Incorporated

Mars, Incorporated is driven by the belief that the world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today. As a global, family-owned business, Mars is transforming, innovating, and evolving to make a positive impact on the world.  Across our diverse and expanding portfolio of quality snacking, food, and pet care products and services, we employ 140,000+ dedicated Associates. With more than $47 billion in annual sales, we produce some of the world’s best-loved brands including Ben’s Original™, CESAR®, Cocoavia®, DOVE®, EXTRA®, KIND®, M&M’s®, SNICKERS®, PEDIGREE®, ROYAL CANIN®, and WHISKAS®. We are creating A Better World for Pets through our global network of pet hospitals and diagnostic services – including AniCura, BANFIELD™, BLUEPEARL™, Linnaeus and VCA™ – using cutting edge technology to develop breakthrough programs in genetic health screening and DNA testing.

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