PIPA & EverGrain™ at ASN 2023: Early findings from the AI-driven collaboration

PIPA and EverGrain™ are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to discover potential new health benefits of the EverPro® protein isolate

The early findings from the EverGrain™-PIPA collaboration aiming at uncovering the potential effects of EverPro® on human health have been presented at the ASN 2023 event in Boston. Using EverGrain’s proprietary data and LEAP™, PIPA’s AI discovery platform, a comprehensive exploration on the upcycled barley protein ingredient was conducted to surface scientific evidence and latent knowledge to advance the understanding of the ingredient’s functional profile.

EverPro® protein isolate redefines the market

Barley (Hordeum vulgare) serves as the primary ingredient utilized in the brewing industry, while brewer’s spent grain (BSG) is the main byproduct of the brewing process, rich in polyphenols and high-quality protein. Leveraging the potential of BSG, EverGrain™ has pioneered the EverPro® isolate protein, the sole barley-based protein powder available in the market. This innovative approach allows for the upcycling of BSG into nutritionally rich products.

Uncovering EverPro’s Health Potential

LEAP, the R&D discovery engine by PIPA, was used to identify known connections with health benefits previously researched and communicated in scientific literature and also to discover new bioactivities and health associations for EverPro®. Two key areas of focus were established to move the AI-driven research forward:

  • Tracking Polyphenols: LEAP™ enabled the identification of polyphenols commonly found in BSG, establishing connections between these compounds and previously documented health benefits. Additionally, LEAP™ discovered novel insights into the potential health effects of polyphenols , broadening the understanding of their impact.
  • Exploring Peptide Clusters: The LEAP™ graph, consisting of peptides with established bioactivity, was utilized to form functional clusters, where EvePro’s peptides were assigned based on a similarity metric.
Insights, courtesy of AI

Through LEAP, PIPA, and EverGrain™ discovered that compounds found in EverPro® were associated with more than 1,500 known health benefits. In fact, quercetin, one of compounds found in EverPro® was mapped to more than 500 health benefits.

Moreover, at least 20 clusters of peptides were verified, each exhibiting diverse health effects. These peptides help maintain joint health and flexibility and help support healthy cartilage and muscle development, among others.

Making the leap to accelerated discoveries
The success of this research underscores the tremendous value in combining cutting-edge technology, existing knowledge, and human expertise. The joint effort by PIPA and EverGrain™ establishes a new, accelerated paradigm for research, discovery and commercialization of upcycled ingredients, and serves as a testament to the power of collaboration in advancing nutrition and health.

The results of this research provide strong evidence supporting the wide-ranging effects of polyphenols found in BSG, particularly in relation to human skeletal muscle health and demonstrate the potential of EverPro® protein isolate as a valuable dietary component.

As the journey continues, PIPA and EverGrain™ remain committed to pioneering new frontiers in the field of nutrition, striving to unlock the full potential of nature’s resources for the benefit of all.

Disclaimer: The project aimed to discover potential new health benefits of the EverPro® protein isolate. This content is not intended to provide definitive conclusions or health guidance and is not intended to be used as a basis for claims made on the label or labeling of products containing EverPro®.


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