In The News: Meat, dairy startups on the cutting edge

A recent article by Food Business News highlights groundbreaking advancements in the meat and dairy industries, driven by innovative startups exploring new ingredients and technologies. Among these pioneers are Meati Foods and PIPA LLC, who are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize plant-based protein production.

Meati Foods has partnered with PIPA LLC to harness AI in creating sustainable, nutritious alternatives to traditional meat products.

According to Justin Whiteley, co-founder of Meati Foods,
“AI is the perfect tool to help accelerate our understanding of exactly why including Meati products can improve the health of everyone at the family dinner table.” He emphasizes, “It had to be a delicious, whole-food solution plucked from nature, rapidly scalable and, critically, hyper-nutritious.”

The article underscores AI’s transformative role in food innovation, showcasing how technology optimizes plant-based ingredients efficiently.

Oliver Zahn, CEO of Climax Foods, adds
“By using data science to accelerate plant-based ingredient and process discoveries, we are saving thousands of years of tinkering to create products that are just as tasty as the cow-based predecessors without the downsides, today.

Discover how AI shapes the future of food innovation in the full article here: 

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