In the News: AI Reveals Powerful Gut Health Benefits from Upcycled Chardonnay Wine Grapes

A recent article by Wine Industry Advisor highlights the transformative collaboration between Sonomaceuticals, LLC and PIPA, LLC in leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to advance gut health. At the American Society for Nutrition’s annual conference, Sonomaceuticals presented WellVine™, a whole-food prebiotic made from upcycled Coastal Chardonnay grapes. Fanny Lee, PhD, RD, Research Program Manager, discussed WellVine’s role in promoting gut health by supporting beneficial bacteria and enhancing gut barrier function.

Together, PIPA’s and Sonomaceuticals’ scientists used LEAP™ to validate and characterize experimentally identified compounds and decode their impact on gut health. LEAP™ further identified potentially novel mechanisms of action and predicted associations between WellVine compounds and gut barrier function. In total, LEAP™ scanned millions of scientific data points to identify known and predict novel health associations for WellVine.

Scott Forsberg, COO of Sonomaceuticals, commented:

“As a whole-food prebiotic ingredient system, WellVine is uniquely positioned for across-the-board application in foods, beverages, and dietary supplements.”

While Eric Hamborg,  CCO of PIPA, added:

 “Sonomaceuticals is setting a new standard for the industry, demonstrating how embedding AI into ingredient R&D unlocks an evidence-based, cost-effective, and scalable approach to product innovation. This approach reduces risk and accelerates commercialization, positioning Sonomaceuticals as a visionary leader in the field of sustainable, functional nutrition.”

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