Unlock scientific discovery with AI

LEAP™ is an innovation platform for Life Sciences R&D that uses data, bioinformatics, and Artificial Intelligence to enable systematic knowledge discovery.

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Crashing bottlenecks in Life Sciences R&D

The Problem

Technological breakthroughs in genomic sequencing and the proliferation of scientific data create bottlenecks in scientific advancement and innovation. This data deluge makes an already costly, time-consuming, and high-risk R&D process more challenging.

Our Solution

LEAP™ empowers scientists and innovation leaders to discover insights and evidence to fast-track scientific discovery. LEAP™ ingests and integrates public and 3rd party data (omics, literature, knowledge bases) to build an integrative knowledge graph. AI modeling applied on this graph predicts novel connections and unlocks latent patterns scientists can tap into to:


  • Identify bioactive molecules and other ingredients with purported health benefits for human and animal health
  • Discover new functional properties for animal and plant-based ingredients and,
  • Understand the drivers of health and disease and unlock the mechanisms at play.

Scientific Papers and Paper Abstracts

Knowledge Bases and Semantic Networks

Known and AI-predicted Associations

Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, NLP Pipelines

Accelerate early
research outcomes

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of science

  • Decipher the mechanisms of action for health-states and diseases

  • Identify, in silico, candidate targets such as bioactive compounds and peptides

  • Discover more opportunities for rapid experimentation through AI-generated insights

Built for the scientists and innovation leaders of tomorrow

LEAP™, combined with the nuanced understanding and expertise of scientists replaces serendipitous and rare breakthroughs with systematic scientific discovery


Reduce research time from weeks to minutes by tapping into a machine-read, integrative knowledge network to instantly access millions of known and novel connections for thousands of health states and diseases.

Test and learn at unprecedented speed. With LEAP™ you can validate experimental hypotheses computationally, saving time, resources, and effort.

Make evidence-based decisions on which candidate indications to prioritize and what experiments to pursue, considerably de-risking your innovation programs.


Identify innovation opportunities for market disruption and IP creation.

De-risk decision-making on program and indication prioritization by leveraging our platform’s always-on evidence and exclusive insights.

Reduce time-to-insight for your teams by unlocking a wealth of insights and evidence they can leverage in their experimentation, reducing costs and increasing ROI.

Scientific discovery on demand


Insights you can trust

Insights you discover in LEAP™ are assigned scores based on notions of relevance, association strength and probability – among other metrics – to help you make data-driven decisions every time. At a tap of a button you can learn how many times an association between two entities was mentioned in literature and access the full list of papers mentioning it.

Intuitive. Multi-layered.

Search is just the beginning

Whether you’re interested in a health-disease panorama or an in-depth look of relationships among diseases and genes, LEAP™ helps you answer complex questions from various perspectives. Choose between an interactive, traversable knowledge graph or tabular views and exports to interpret your insights. With LEAP™ you get a multi-layered understanding of targets stemming from the integration and analysis of 25+ million full-text scientific papers and paper abstracts, and over 60 knowledge bases, ontologies and semantic networks. Exhaustive filtering and visualization capabilities help you reveal nuanced insights.

Trusted AI research companion

Eliminate bias, reduce risk in hypothesis generation

With LEAP™ you approach research questions holistically by tapping into a machine-read knowledge graph consisting of unique, AI-recommended insights and scientifically validated evidence to ensure you reduce bias and errors when formulating new testable hypotheses. We apply multi-step quality controls for handling opposing evidence and data inconsistencies, and perform rigorous scientific validation testing to ensure you can act on new insights with confidence.

Novel insights at your fingertips

Courtesy of AI

LEAP™ transforms underutilized, unstructured and fragmented data into a single, coherent scientific knowledge universe of more than 218 million known and AI-predicted connections. State-of-the-art algorithms train on this vast and dense graph to predict new connections and biological relationship types among genes, food, bacteria and plants – to name a few – to inform your next experiment.

Innovation starts with what we discover today

Get in touch to learn how LEAP™ can become your scientific discovery springboard.