In the news: All the Cool Companies Use AI for Healthier and Tastier Vegan Meat and Cheese

VegNews’ Senior News Editor, Anna Starostinetskaya, recently explored the intersection of AI and food and specifically how it’s contributing to the creation of healthier and tastier vegan meats and cheeses.

Traditional methods of producing meat and cheese from animals are known for their inefficiency and environmental impact. While full consumer acceptance of plant-based alternatives is still evolving, AI is playing a pivotal role in reshaping both the production and consumption of food.

In her article, Starostinetskaya highlights:

Colorado-based Meati Foods makes its vegan meat from mycelium, the fast-growing root system of mushrooms that can produce whole cuts of vegan chicken and steak in a fraction of the time it takes to raise and slaughter a chicken or a cow. At its “Mega Ranch” facility in Thornton, CO, Meati is capable of making 45 million pounds of meat annually—more than any individual cattle ranch in the United States.
And now, its vegan meat is getting an AI-powered boost, too, with a new partnership with PIPA LLC, an AI company specializing in life sciences and food. By leveraging AI, Meati Foods aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the health and nutrition benefits associated with its mycelium meats.

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